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UNCLE JIMMYUNCLE JIMMY is a caricature of someone everyone knows, either as a family member or a character of our acquaintance.  “Jimmy” is a nickname that is given to a short “crow bar”, to a “truck” or in some locales “Jimmy” refers to a “Stranger.”  Often used in the phrase “jimmy a lock” a Jimmy is ingenious for getting into and out of tight places.  A Jimmy may be short and stocky and is still as strong as a truck.  A Jimmy may be a stranger but not for long because most a-fella called “Jimmy” is a fun loving and lovable character.

 This carving of caricature Jimmy is carved out of a four and half inch tall by an inch and half square block of basswood.  This particular block of basswood is not the best quality due to its dark streaks and flaws and yet like people there are no worthless pieces of wood.  The key in both is to find their good qualities and make something of them.  A stranger is a friend who has not yet been discovered and a scrappy piece of wood is a work of art yet to be created.  So whether the “Jimmy” is a person or a wooden caricature discover the hidden treasure in each.

 Caricature Jimmy was carved using a HELVIE Signature Series # 3-1 and a # 6-2 Mini.  Jimmy was finished with the monochrome finish of artist oil paint Raw Sienna thinned with boiled linseed oil.  The monochrome finish was chosen to show off the flaws in the wood that gives character to the caricature.



Take a visual tutorial tour by way of the photographs to see the relaxed pose, unkempt and worn clothing style with floppy hat, suspenders, and exposed shirt tail.  Jimmy’s face sports a stubby cigar coming out the corner of his mouth and the forest of whisker stubbles.  All of which makes Jimmy a character comfortable to be around who possesses hidden worth discovered only by getting to know him.  Know anybody like Jimmy?



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