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It was June 30, 1968 when Gary was walking to visit his girlfriend Deb that he found a turtle along the side of the road.  He picked up the turtle as a playful story began to formulate in his youthful mind.  Meeting Deb at her door he presented her with the turtle saying, “Today is National Turtle Day in which the custom is for the fellow to give a turtle to the girl he likes.”

Thus, began a lifelong ruse that became an annual tradition in their marriage and raising a family.  At some point Deb accepted the original gift turtle as a playful part of their relationship that is still carried on as part of family reunions each year even with every one wearing a turtle tee shirt on June 30 ~ National Turtle Day.


Their Turtle Love Story became the theme of a carving to be a gift from Deb as she commissioned the Wood Bee Carver to carve a likeness of Gary.


An inch and half square block of basswood (to be the turtle) was glued at the waist area of a six-inch-tall by inch and half square block of basswood representing the figure of Gary.  The two photos above show the beginning and secondary shaping of the figure to be compared with the competed carving in the earlier photographs.

The four photographs above depict the before and after progress of the head and face as a way to demonstrate having a good foundation of the face in the before stage so that good details can be carved in the completed facial features. Artist oil paint thinned with boiled linseed oil did the coloring finish with Deft applied to seal with a final coat of lacquer.

Now Deb and Gary have a carved likeness of a lifelong memory of their own National Turtle Day ~ A Turtle Love Story.



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