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TURKEY/SANTA NOVELTY TURKEY/SANTA NOVELTY carvings say “Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas” at the same time as each has a turkey carved on one side and on the back side a Santa is carved using the outline of a turkey turned sideways.  The original pattern and idea came by way of carver Glenn Stewart of Hawesville, Kentucky.

In the photo are four carvings showing one side of carvings that have a turkey carved on one side and a Santa carved on the reverse side.  They are displayed in such a way for the viewer to visualize what can be carved on a two sided Turkey/Santa novelty carving.  These were carved out of a 3/8 of an inch by 2 and 1/2 inch square piece of basswood and carved in a whittling style.

Turkey/Santa novelties are carved free hand so no two look exactly alike making for a fun carving project during the holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

GLENN AND JUDY STEWARTGlenn and Judy Stewart are pictured in the photograph at the left which was taken at the Miami  Valley Woodcarving Show, Middletown, Ohio.  Pictured on their display table are examples of the style and kind of carvings Glenn carves.  He does very fine and precise carving in miniature as well are larger pieces and is also a painter of scenic paintings.  He gave me the pattern for the Turkey/Santa about ten years ago and his carving display always inspires me.  He is a good friend who is also an accomplished carver.


The photographs above are a few examples of Glenn Stewart’s carvings and give even a better picture of how the woodcarving family grows in friendship and admiration of fellow carvers who give so much of who they are through their carvings.  Every time I carve a Turkey/Santa I am reminded again of the friendship that binds wood carvers together.  So, “Thank You, Glenn” for carving a place in the hearts of fellow woodcarvers

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