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Troll Brothers are three-inch-tall caricatures whose homely features lend themselves to experiment with facial features.  Each begins as a three inch by inch and half square block of basswood and are carved into shape using two experimental proto type knives.

IMG_1902        IMG_1945

BUZZ BEE knife is the one to the right in the first photo and the top knife in the second photo.  BUSY BEE knife is on the left in first photo and on the bottom of the second photo.  The name “Buzz Bee” implies the slicing action of this knife’s design as being like the “buzz” of a bee going from flower to flower by flitting around with different approaches.  The design of the BUZZ BEE allows for a variety of approaches in the slicing action as is pictured in the following photos in the sculpturing of the bald-headed Troll.

IMG_1912                  IMG_1913

The photo on the left shows the longer curved portion of the Buzz Bee blade slicing along the front of the arm in front of the bicep muscle.  The photo on the right shows the blade after the second slicing cut cleaned up from the first cut.

IMG_1915               IMG_1916

Left photo shows the small curved front portion of the blade making a stop cut along the edge of the wooden club while the right photo shows how the small curved front reaches into a tight area with a clean-up cut.


Left photo shows the longer curved portion of the blade making a peeling slice cut. The center photo shows the longer curved portion of blade close to its tip end being used to make a “scooping” and “dished” out cut as the blade us pushed in a “slice and roll” cut. The right photo shows more of the tip end making a “slice and roll” cut in the sculpting process.

The Buzz Bee knife is used for most of the sculpting and carving the basic form of the figure utilizing the various faces of the cutting edge.  The other knife named “Busy Bee” is used for the detail portion of the carving process using the finesse of slicing cuts.  It has a long and narrow curved blade that approaches a variety of cutting actions.  Both knives are still in the proto type stage of experimenting and testing their versatility.  Following the testing phase these proto type knives may become part of the Signature Series Knives made by HELVIE KNIVES.

Any new knife in a carver’s hand should be treated as an experimental knife by putting it through a rigorous testing to see the various ways the slicing action of the blade can be used.  Testing a knife in this manner is to discover its versatility in being a carving tool more than the making of simple cuts.  The testing of the Buzz Bee and the Busy Bee proto type knives can be evaluated by taking studying the end results in the photographic tour that follows.


The Troll Brothers are distinguished by one having a lot of hair, one having a beard and one bald headed. Each show off muscular biceps, are carrying a crooked walking stick or a club and are bare footed.  Like any carving it is the facial features that make the carving interesting and gives the figure a personality.  Notice the movement in pose and posture as another way of creating personality.

“Tuck Troll” is the smart brother.

IMG_1922                    IMG_1923IMG_1924                    IMG_1925


“Turk Troll” is the older brother.

IMG_1933                    IMG_1934IMG_1935                    IMG_1936IMG_1929                    IMG_1930IMG_1931                    IMG_1932

“Tork Troll” is the ugly brother.

IMG_1937                    IMG_1938IMG_1939                    IMG_1940IMG_1941                    IMG_1942IMG_1943                    IMG_1944

The Troll Brothers and the knives Buzz Bee and Busy Bee represent what the      WOOD BEE CARVER has fun doing in the adventure of making every carving project a learning experience and every knife carving practice a discovery of creativity.  As this Old Carver often says, “Keep carving and carving will keep you carving.


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