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Three HobbitsThree HobbitsThree HobbitsThree HobbitsThree Gnome WizardsThree Gnome WizardsThree Gnome WizardsThree Gnome WizardsThree SpudsThree SpudsThree SpudsThree Spuds

Three Hobbits, Three Gnome Wizards and Three Spud Characters make up this Trilogy of Three carving exercises.  Every carving project is a learning project.  What is learned in carving the first subject guides the creative subconscious in carving the second and then the first and second combine to create the third project.  While all three are very similar, yet each one is a little different from the other two.

There is something artistically beautiful with the number “3”  and even a little musical as it is pronounced.  The number “3”  plays an important role in viewing things in proportion as in the Rule of Three in proportions.  Visually the shape of a triangle with three equal sides creates a sense of unity and completeness with the balance of shape.  Ideas, thoughts and verbal concepts round themselves out in the number three, as in, “Stop, Look and Listen,” or “Faith, Hope and Charity,” or Ready, Set and Go,” or “Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness,” or “the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”  The trilogy of persons like the Three Musketeers; the Three Stooges; Huey, Dewey and Louie; the Three Amigos; the Three Wise Monkeys; the Three Little Pigs; the Three Blind Mice; Peter, Paul and Mary and musical trios give a sense of balance and unity.  A stool with three legs will always be on the level. A three ring circus or a three penny opera or King Cole’s Fiddlers Three are entertainment at its best.  Three breaks the tie between two as in Rock, Paper, Scissors or rounds out the choices. There may be Two Sides to a Coin but it is the edge of the coin, the Third part of the coin that holds and balances the two sides.  Of course the number “3”  can be found at use in many other examples of trilogies.  Three is Company so join the company of Three Cheers for the Third Time is the Charm by seeing Three  more than double.

This carving Trilogy of Three is to be instructional through the visual comparison of the photographs below as well as those above. Guess what, each carving is THREE inches tall.

Gnome Wizard Gnome WizardGnome WizardGnome WizardSpudSpudSpudSpudSpudSpudSpudSpud

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