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TREE NOGGINS are whimsical faces carved into basswood tree limbs to create a rustic look.  Carved using only a knife, these Tree Noggins have been a fun carving project over the years that when added up total over five hundred faces carved since 1985.

Tree limbs are trimmed off a basswood tree, cut into manageable lengths and left in a dry place to air dry for several months.  Next the manageable lengths are cut into shorter lengths of seven inches down to three inches trying to include gnarly imperfections in the bark to add character.  Sculpt across the top of the branch to form a scalloped effect.  Next clean off bark to expose an area of basswood in which to carve a face that is framed with the remaining bark.  Carve a face using imagination to come up with different faces in order to experience the joy of Tree Noggin carving.

The photo journey shows a variety of faces that have received an application of Howard Feed N Wax to enliven the carved texture of the faces.


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