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Bookmarks carved using tongue depressors is another way to fulfill the Old Carver’s Law: “Leave no wood un-carved.”  Since the tongue depressors are made from an unknown wood that in some cases has twisted grain and is prone to break caution is used while carving. The thin depressor is clamped to a paint paddle to support while carving.  When finished the carved depressor is glued to another depressor for added strength to withstand breakage.  The bookmarks pictured are using a tree theme while any other theme including lettering can be carved using a depressor.  Where there is piercing, or an opening in the carved design, the background in the back up depressor after the gluing can be textured with a series of indentations using an awl or ice pick as was the case with these tree bookmarks.

The first photograph above shows the carved bookmark being clamped to a paint paddle for strength during the carving process.  Underneath the carved bookmark is the backup bookmark that has received the indentations of the awl which is on the left and the Zig Zag knife on the right side of bookmark that carved in the details of the tree.  The second photograph is of one completed bookmark that received a coating of super glue on the leaves and trunk of the tree to strengthen the wood fibers.  The third photo shows seven painted bookmarks that were painted with acrylic colors followed with an application of Howard Feed– N – Wax. The knife above is a prototype of the ZIG ZAG Signature Series Knife that was used to carve the seven painted tree bookmarks.


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