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TOP BANANAInspiration for carving projects comes in various ways.  Upon receiving a Father’s Day card with the picture of a chimp in a cowpoke outfit was just the ticket for the next carving project.  Using the general guideline for carving six inch tall Cowpokes, this carving simply changed the facial detail into a primate rather than a human.  Every carving project is a new learning experience making Top Banana a journey of learning while having fun with the challenge.  Making it more of a challenge, Top Banana was carved using only one knife made by Ralph E. Long with a scimitar blade shape.




Top Banana was whittle-carved using only one knife that was made by Ralph E. Long.  While the Wood Bee Carver has numerous knives, both reconditioned and modified pocket knives as well as custom made knives by other top notch knife makers, yet Ralph E. Long  knives are highly recommended for anyone who would like to try a well made and reasonably priced carving knife.  See REL Knives under “Cool Links” for a catalogue and order form with the advice to call first to inquire of availability of his popular knives.

Carving a chimp requires a study of the facial characteristics as compared with human facial characteristics.  A chimp’s nose is less pronounced while the mouth mound is much larger and pronounced as are the ears.

Every carving project should be a learning experience which includes study of the subject until there is a mental image to guide the carving process.  A mental image joins forces with a visual image of a model or photograph to go hand in hand in guiding the mind, hand and tool to remove the proper amount of wood to create a recognizable facsimile of the subject being carved.

The same applies to other areas of the carving as illustrated in the peeled banana in the right hand showing peelings curling down over the hand.  Remembering the many times one has peeled a banana and how it looks with the peeling curling down over the hand is to transpose that mental image into a carved reality.

Woodcarving is a journey that sometimes takes the carver down a well traveled path and other times it is a less traveled path full of surprises in learning.  Often the journey of woodcarving will come to a detour over unfamiliar territory that is blossoming with so many opportunities and possibilities to try.  Travel the familiar to improve, travel the less traveled to be challenged by the unfamiliar and travel the detour to discover one’s potential that only comes forth when it is exercised.

Watching the travel channel on television or reading the travel magazines only feeds a dream.  Traveling the dream is the satisfaction of doing.  The same is true with woodcarving and that is why I often say, “Would be carvers would be carvers if they would carve wood.” Woodcarving is a “learn by doing” activity and “the more one carves the better one carves.”

Woodcarving is like eating firm and green bananas before they become mushy and rotten.   Don’t wait too long to begin the next journey of woodcarving.

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