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TOOL CAROUSELA pipe smoker’s pipe carousel was rescued from an antique store for fifteen dollars.  The glass tobacco humidor was missing so in its place a piece of red oak was cut to fit the opening and seven 7/8″ holes drilled to become tool hangers.  Eight additional holes were drilled to make the second row  inside the outer ring of twenty holes making a total of thirty five holes to receive palm size carving tools.


TOOL CAROUSEL WITH PALM TOOLSTOOL CAROUSEL WITH PALM TOOLSThe first photo shows the tool carousel holding thirty five Harman, Drake and Henry Taylor palm tools.  The second photo shows the carousel holding thirty five re-handled carving tools using Bud Murray designed walnut handles for palm tools.

The carousel has a built-in lazy-susan so that it can be rotated to find the tool the carver is searching to use next.  The base measures 11 3/4 ” in diameter and the top measures 9 1/4″ in diameter.  This Tool Carousel is a neat way to have carving tools at easy access.

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