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Tom Brown Knife

The Eastern Woodland Carvers Club in conjunction with Rich and Holli Smithson of Helvie Knives and Harold Enlow are offering a Memorial Knife and Carved Blade Base as a raffle prize at the July 19 and 20 carving show in Converse, Indiana.  Rich Smithson made the Helvie Knife and did the wood burning art work on the handle while Harold Enlow, CCA Member and longtime friend of Tom Brown, carved the base to seat the knife blade.

Tom Brown Knife        Tom Brown Knife

Tom Brown KnifeTom Brown KnifeTom Brown KnifeTom Brown Knife

Tickets are $1.00 each, 7 for $5.00 and an arm span of tickets for $10.00.  If you want an arm span that will be approximately 40 to 43 tickets.  If you send in money for tickets please send mailing labels so we don’t have to fill out so many subs. Make the check out to ”EWCC” and mail checks with mailing labels to:  EWCC, P.O. BOX 139, CONVERSE, IN 46919

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