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THREE VERSION FACE STUDY STICK tutorial is located under “BEE HIVE” as a pdf document which can be viewed and printed.  This instructional aid presents three versions of carving a practice face on one stick.  At the top of a square stick a ball is carved out of a square area to teach the roundness of  a head and its ability to rotate as a ball joint up and down, side to side and tilted at an angle.  The second version uses the corner of the stick to teach that the face fits into a ninety degree angle .  The third version at the bottom of the stick teaches the narrowing of the width of the face as being two thirds wide while being three thirds long.  In each version of the practice faces the Rule of Three of Facial Proportions is utilized to carve in the basic form of the angles and planes of the face.

This Face Study Stick teaching carving to basic form.   A   Facial Detail Carving tutorial is located in another pdf document in “BEE HIVE” under the title “FACE EYE STUDY”  which can also be viewed and printed.  As with any practice carving project,  the more one carves the more one learns while carving.  “The more one carves the better one carves,”  is experienced as one carves, so carve as often as possible remembering that every carving pr0ject is simply a practice piece until finished.

  Stay Sharp and BEE CARVEFUL.

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