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“Face Study Stick – Three Version”  found under “BEE HIVE”  is a visible and printable instructional aid for practice carving faces.  The top exercise is carving a ball out of the one inch square at top of the stick.  The ball is later used to carve a face that is looking sideways and upward.  The second practice face is carved on a corner to illustration that the face fits into a ninety degree space from tip of nose outward to the cheek bones.  The third face at the bottom of the stick  has been carved to emphasis  the width of the face as being two thirds of the length of the face.

The photographic path of a variety of face study sticks shows the end result to three faces completely carved on each study stick.  Each face is a little different from all the other faces as an example of the value of practice carving faces.  Also included on one side are the progressive steps for carving an ear and on another side the progress steps in carving an eye are shown.  All have been carved using only a knife in the Whittle-Carving style.



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