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Three old Friends, a Hobbit, a Gnome Wizard and a Red Beard Pirate are presented within this photographic essay as the latest edition of carving a previously carved subject.

Every carving project becomes a friend as the carver carves personality and life into a block of wood to create a character. Carving is a conversation carried on between imagination and the act of shaping a piece of wood resulting is a story told and retold in the carved piece of wood. The WOOD BEE CARVER has long propagated the experienced observation that comes by carving a subject over and over again. Each carving project is a learning experience, a practice piece and a time to engage imagination once again in the process of creating a fresh and new carved personality. Even when one carves the same subject over and over again, each new adventure in carving that similar carving becomes a new character of the imagination coming to life in wood. Lessons learned from previous carving of a given subject will guide in the carving of a new edition with subtle and yet significant innovations and embellishments.

Visit each photograph to listen through visual communication to the conversation each of these characters is saying. If you do not hear anything, turn on your imagination to listen to the slice of the knife singing through the wood as the wood chips fly away in freedom to allow the character to come to life. Each carving talks if you have a Block Head to listen.


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