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THIS-N-THAT is a collection of carvings done randomly and are showcased here as a photographic diary of a variety of carvings.

oRNAMENTSLOVE PlaqueNORB SpoonNorb Spoon

Ornaments were carved from drawings by Don Stephenson. The LOVE plaque was carved out of butternut and was a wedding gift to dear friends.  The two scoop spoon was carved for Norb Hartman on his BIG birthday. 

Gnome Wizard             Gnome Wizard             Gnome WizardGnome Wizard             Gnome Wizard             Gnome Wizard

The Gnome Wizard is the latest version of a subject used as a class project. 

Cowboy HeadCowboy HeadCowboy HeadCowboy Head

The Cowboy Head was carved from a blank by Gary Falin. 

Ornament SantaOrnament SpoonOrnament SpoonOrnament

More Ornaments beginning with Santa, Star on Tree Spoon with knife used to make all cuts and a Little Girl with Holly on Hat.

Spool and Bottle TopperSleeping DogSleeping DogsWhittle Dwarfs

The spool and bottle top carvings are an example of the Old Carver’s Law: “Leave no wood uncarved.”  The sleeping dog is an old carving project that is always fun to carve. Whittle Dwarfs are always fun and relaxing projects.

Indian Face StudyIndian Face StudyIndian Face StudyIndian Face StudyFace Study             Face Study             Face Study

The Indian Face Study was carved as an exercise of carving facial characteristics of a Native American.  Like all face carvings, every face carved is a facial study to continue to learn how to carve a variety of faces with expression as well a proportional characteristics.

Female Head Study             Female Head Study             Female Head StudyFemale Head Study             Female Head Study             Female Head Study

The Female Face Study begins with three photographs of a casting of a carving by Janet Denton Cordell who is one of the best carvers of female faces as well as doll carvings.  The photograph of the carved wooden female face study was an exercise in following the casting model as a guide to carving female head in wood.

Carolina Ron             Carolina Ron             Carolina RonCarolina Ron             Carolina Ron             Carolina RonCarolina RonCarolina RonCarolina RonCarolina Ron


Carolina Ron was carved as a commission carving of a Confederate Civil War Soldier.  His red hair, mustache and beard speaks to his Scotch-Irish ancestory.

This eclectic collection of carving projects presents a variety of carved subjects carved for their own merits as another learning project.  This-N-That speaks to variety as being the spice of life as well as interesting carving adventures.  Thanks for traveling along the journey.






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