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A Thin Wizard is a Whittle-Carved project that uses a scrap piece of wood that has been cut into a thin and tall triangle wedge shape.  The larger portion of the triangle wedge become the bottom of the head of the Wizard and the thin top becomes the pointed hat of the Wizard.  The two thin wizards in the photos above were carved from butternut cut off scraps approximately five inches tall.

The two photos above are examples of triangle wedges carved into thin wizards approximately two inches tall. The first photo shows an uncarved triangle wedge on the left with a profile in the center and a front view of carved wizards to give s progressive view.  The second photo are of six thin wizards carved with variety of facial features.  The gallery of nine photos below are of the two butternut thin wizards from various angles to give an overall view of each carving.  Whittle-Carving using only a knives allows for a relaxing and fun expression for free form creativity in these eye-catching Thin Wizards.



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