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Hugh O’Neal  is a carving friend who lives in Alabama.  He is one of the Survivor Students  from the recent class conducted in Charlie Leverett’s studio.  Hugh brought to class some of his recent carvings and granted me permission to take pictures and to share in this blog.  Some of his earlier carvings have been featured in previous postings as part of the Carving Friend series.  Hugh continues to come up with some of the neatest carving projects that are worthy of being seen by a larger audience.  Hugh has a creative eye and a carver’s touch with a very unique style of carving. Hugh is living proof of “the more you carve the better you carve,”  as each carver develops a unique style of his own.

Take a visual tour in the following photographic journey of some of Hugh’s latest carvings many of which are miniatures under two inches tall.  Each carving pictured shows off the O’Neal Touch. (click on each photo to enlarge)



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