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Dunkle KnifeDunkle KnifeDunkle Knife

John Dunkle, knife maker, has developed a special process for heat treating and tempering a “premium super steel” in his latest line of knives. This new knife possesses super and long lasting sharpness that requires less stropping between long periods of carving time.

John made me a special ordered knife according to my design and handled in antler. This knife was put to the test of carving two caricatures of the “Employee of the Month” (as depicted in the photos) from a block of basswood six inches tall by an inch and half square for each figure. Each carving takes about eight hours of carving time in which the “Dunkle Premium Knife” held its super sharp cutting edge from beginning to end of both the figures. This means that the knife performed very well during the modeling stage of carving each figure to basic form with its slicing and cutting sharpness. Just as impressive the Premium Knife performed very well during the final detail carving stage of finer slicing cuts in a precise manner. The Dunkle knife was also used to carve a bear holding a heart as in the two photos below.

Dunkle KnifeDunkle Knife

The new Dunkle Knife is well worth the extra cost but then his regular line of carving knives and tools are recommended as well. Contact John at 419-494-5948 or jcdblade@gmail.com to inquire about his new knife or visit his booth at the various shows and seminars where he exhibits.


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