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Seven students participated in a one day class at the Woodcraft Store, Dayton on November 21, 2015. Survivor Students pictured above (first row, left to right) Sharon Spencer, Kim Foister, Gavin Wright, (second row, left to right) Sherman Weaver, Carl Wright, Joshua Spencer, David Neff and Don Mertz, the WOOD BEE CARVER.

Students were introduced to the ABC’s of Face carving through the instructor’s verbal explanations of the student’s folder of take home information followed by carving exercises to learn the basic cuts and carve a Study Face exercise as described in “Face Study Redux” under the category “Tu To Plus” in this blog. Each student chose an Egg Noggin go by to use as a guide to carve the same subject in a basswood hen egg. Each student carved their own Egg Noggin (as described in “Wooden Egg Head/Face Carving” under the category “Tu Tor Plus” in this blog , learning along the way enough experience to complete the carving at home following the information in the student folder.

New friendships were made as well as learning the basic steps for carving a face as the beginning of the journey for continued carving on their own. Students were encouraged to carve as often as possible because carving is a learning by doing activity and the more one carves the better one carves. Each student was encouraged by the lessons learned and what each accomplished in this brief one day class. In other words, they survived to carve another day with more days to carve awaiting the creative discovery that comes with each carving project.

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