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Nine members of the River Valley Wood Carvers participated in a Whittle-Carving class in Taylor Mill, KY April 14, 15 and 16, 2011 becoming the latest group of Survivor Students of the WOOD BEE CARVER’s  approach to carving only with a knife and a square block of basswood.  Pictured in the photograph are  ( front row left to right):  Mickey Huston, Ed Stover, Bob Manning  (second row)  Don Potter, Bill Wright, Dick Middleton (third row)  Barry Pennington, Jim Clear and Rob Witzke.

During the three day class the students learned the A-B-C’s of Face Carving through the exercise of carving a  Three Version Face Study Stick  (as is described by that title under “Cool Links”)  and by carving a full figure of choice from the variety of Go-By  examples of clowns, hobos, old geezers, cowpokes, Civil War soldier, sea captian or a cowpoke bust.

Each student stayed right up to the end to receive the recognition of being a SURVIVOR STUDENT of Whittle-Carving adhering to the WOOD BEE CARVER’S  motto: “Would be carvers would be carvers if they would carve wood.”

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