SURVIVOR STUDENTS at Woodcraft, Centerville, Ohio 2008

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SURVIVOR STUDENTS at Woodcraft, Centerville, OhioPictured to the left are the eight students who survived a one day class in Whittle Folk Art on November 22, 2008.  The class was held in the Woodcraft Store in Centerville, Ohio on the subject of a Santa Egg carved out of a basswood hen egg.  Class participants included two youth, Kelli Becknell and Will Osbourne.  Other participants were Betty Warwick, (front row) and Ken Oswald, Gil Wendt, Mark Osbourne, Barry Pennington and Don Potter (back row).  The students learned the basics of opening up an egg to carve the form of a Santa using only a knife.  Other instruction covered the basic proportions of the face and lay out design.  Even though the class was intense, every student survived the entire day and vowed to continue carving.  New friends were made and Kelli and Will did excellent carving for being new to the experience.

SANTA EGG GO-BY’SSANTA EGG GO-BY’SSANTA EGG GO-BY’SSANTA EGG GO-BY’SSANTA EGG GO-BY’SThese photographs are of the Go-By’s used for instructional purposes.


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