SURVIVOR STUDENTS at Newark, Ohio 2008

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NEWARK, OHIO WHITTLE CARVING CLASSThe photo at the left shows the brave survivors of another Whittle-Carving class taught in Newark, Ohio, July 19 and 20.  In a two day class these students learned about carving only with a knife.  The class project was learning to carve a three inch tall Whittle Folk Monk.  Those participating were: Harry Limings, Bob Morrison, Tammi Crowell, Rich Murphy, Mary Kishler, Bob Green, Joe Hardesty, Lonnie Larsen, John Niggemeyer, Greg Lombardo, Bill Stroud,  Thelma Lanwasser, and front and center, Don Mertz, the WOOD BEE CARVER (the instructor) and Leigh Sherman, in whose carving studio the class was held.    Notice that they are all smiling indicating that we all had fun expanding the horizons of carving by “whittling away time” together.

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