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DICK AND  BARB BELCHERSUPPORT YOUR LOCAL VENDOR is a play on the title of an old James Garner movie, “Support Your Local Sheriff.” The reason to support your local vendor is because of the labor of love these dedicated servants of woodcarving generously give to the woodcarving community.

Dick and Barb Belcher are in their thirty second year of providing a most valuable service through their Belcher Carving Supply. LLC.  They have available at several wood carving shows almost anything any carver would want and need and if they do not have it, they will make every effort to find what is requested.  Through their catalog,  email R1Belcher@aol.com or by phone 937-845-0346 Dick and Barb await the opportunity to be there for any carver’s needs.

Even though it is a small business, yet it is more a labor of love for wood carving and wood carver friends that they pack up all their supplies, travel many miles to the next show, unload, unpack and set up their vendor space, serve the wood carver customer (often answering questions and  offering tips about every aspect of wood carving) sharpen tools, serve as judge of show competition  when asked and contribute merchandise and gift certificates for door prizes to the hosting woodcarving club.  And then when the show is over, they pack everything up, load their trailer, drive back home, unpack at home, rest up until the next day when they take inventory, place new orders and get ready for the next show.

In between the shows they participate in their local wood carving club’s activities, teach classes, host carving classes at their studio/shop for visiting instructors and are ambassadors for wood carving every opportunity that comes their way.

Are they getting rich?  Yes, rich in good will, rich in friends, rich in promoting wood carving and rich in labors of love.  Profit from the business is plowed  back into inventory, equipment and maintaining their studio.

Dick and Barb are our local vendor here in Southwest Ohio and are highlighted here with appreciation for all they contribute to wood carving and as representative of all the other “local Vendors”who set up at woodcarving shows all over the country to provide a valuable service to wood carvers, be they tool vendors, wood suppliers, seminar instructors or  knife/tool makers.  All local vendors are in it for the advancement of wood carving, to provide a valuable service and help both the beginning wood carver and the seasoned carver.  None are in it for the money they can make because they certainly could make money easier doing something else. Theirs is a “labor of love,” so “SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL VENDOR” whoever they may be by purchasing what you need and saying “Thank You” for their labor of love.

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