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SUPER BEE KNIVESscimitar-knives

HELVIE KNIVES introduces the SUPER BEE Signature Series Knife, the latest Wood Bee Carver Signature Knife (photo on left above).  The SUPER BEE (#28) (middle of photo above on Right) is the medium blade size version of the basic scimitar blade design by the Wood Bee Carver as in the earlier TWO BEE (# 2)  (bottom of photo) and the BEE FOUR (# 4)  (top of photo.) The SUPER BEE comes in a pistol shaped handle of walnut wood with logo and names wood burned by Rich Smithson, owner and operator of HELVIE KNIVES.

The Wood Bee Carver’s Scimitar blade shape is a curved cutting edge with the back edge of the blade mirroring the cutting edge. The overall length of the blade is an inch and three quarters long that includes an extended tang of a half inch with the cutting portion of the blade being an inch and a quarter.  The cutting edge curves from the tip of blade to the notch of the extended tang.  The purpose of the extended tang is to allow for all of the cutting edge to be utilized in the slicing process and not be hindered by the end of the handle.  Also the extended tang allows an area where the index finger can be wrapped around the tang to choke up on to use of the blade for doing detail and close up slicing cuts. The walnut pistol shaped handle fits comfortable in the carver’s hand without cramping the hand over long periods of carving. The SUPER BEE knife is both a detail and general purpose slicing carving knife that can be utilized in most carving project. The photo below illustrates miniature carving projects carved with the SUPER BEE knife.


The introduction of the SUPER BEE extends the versatility of the basic design of the Wood Bee Carver’s Signature Series knives. To order a SUPER BEE (#28), call HELVIE KNIVES at 765-675-8811 and Rich and Holli Smithson will be happy to help you or visit HELVIE KNIVES website and click on “Signature Knives” for complete listing of all Signature Knives by name of Signature Carvers.


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