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Face Go ByFace Go ByFace Go ByStudy Go ByStudy Go ByStudy Go By

A Go By Study of faces can help any carver to “see” and imagine what is in a face in order to carve faces in wood.  The first photograph above shows a head carved to basic form.  The middle photograph shows descriptions of the major cuts at the landmarks of the face at the eye, the juncture of the nostril, smile line and upper dental curve and the mouth mound.  These cuts make good foundations for carving in the details of the eyes, mouth, teeth, nose and ears as seen in the finished carved head and face in the third photograph.  The Second row of photographs are of three views comparing the two head.

The photo journey that follows offers a visual Go By study of faces that are carved using only a knife to create the various effects of facial carving.  A visual observational study of these faces is best continued by using what has been learned by carving practice faces and figures in one’s own style while modifying what was been seen in this Go By Study. A Go By is not intended to be duplicated but to be a guide for carving one’s own carving project.  Woodcarving is a learn by doing process of applying what is being learned by observation, refined within imagination and executed by carving in wood what is seen in one’s imagination.  Always remember that the more one carves the better one carves and the only way to learn to carve is to carve.  “Would be carvers would be carvers if they would carve wood.”

Face Go ByFace Go ByFace Go ByFace Go ByFace Go ByFace Go ByFace Go ByFace Go ByFace Go ByFace Go ByFace Go ByFace Go ByFace Go ByFace Go ByFace Go ByFace Go By


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