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Steve Prescott , caricature carving artist, has demonstrated through his latest caricature carving- COWBOY LIMO  a “caricature concept” that grows into a caricature carving.  A “Caricature Concept” is the ability to create an idea that is a caricature before it becomes reality as a caricature carving.  Caricature is an “exaggeration of realism” that often begins as an “idea that becomes exaggerated.”

COWBOY LIMO  is a classic example of caricature carving that is exaggerated both in its carved presentation and as an idea or concept exaggerated into a caricature.

In his own words Steve describes how his “caricature concept” came to life.

“Last year at the Fort Worth Stock Show I picked up a veterinary brochure on back problems in horses. I look for resource/reference material everywhere. It had a photograph that had been photo-shopped with a long horse with two saddles and a back ache. That triggered my distorted thought process (a caricature carver’s affliction) to stretch him more like a weenie dog and add a third saddle. Here in Fort Worth we have many Cowboy Cadillac Limousines made from Excursions or Pickup trucks. So the name evolved, Stretch Limos = Cowboy Limo” 


The photographs present a good overview of the entire project.  Steve adds written descriptions by saying: “The horse measures 4”x7”x14”.  The base is 2”x6”x17”.  It took 50 plus hours to carve and paint. Coffee Shop  wooden stir sticks  can be soaked in warm water to become pliable enough to carve, bend, and twist. That’s how the bridle, reins, and saddle strings were made.  So, it’s all wood, although not from one solid piece.

The carved horse was mounted  on 1 1/2″ thick piece of walnut with an additional 1/2″ piece of basswood of contrast. This type of mounting gives it a professional artist presentation.  Acrylic paints were thinned to a wash for coloration and shading in the painting process adds depth to the appearance.”

Now that we have seen Steve Prescott’s COWBOY LIMO  we will be reminded of it every time we see a stretch limousine.

Thank you Steve for letting us take a peak into your creative mind to learn a little more about  Caricature Carving as the art of exaggeration,  both in carving as well as in ideas.


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