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STEP BY STEP SANTASTEP BY STEP SANTAA Step by Step Santa display was carved in 1998 to be used as an educational aid to show the progressive stages of how a Santa is carved from a block of basswood.  In this model the basswood block is three quarters of an inch square by three inches tall.

Viewing from left to right the first step is to begin rounding off the top corners to begin shaping the stocking cap into the shape of a squashed down pup tent.

The second step shows the fuzzy ball on the sock cap carved to basic form along with the cap.  The head is carved to go into the cap while the outline form of Santa has been carved.

The third step continues to refine the basic form and indicates the eye and nose notches following the Rule of Three of Facial Proportions.

The fourth step shows a completely carved Santa that has received the base coat of boiled linseed oil and raw sienna artist oil paint.  This is what can be used for a natural finish of a carving or is the base coat for the Painting Softly method of coloring the carving as in the fifth Santa.  Whittle-Carving or carving only with a knife is how this Step by Step Santa go-by was carved.

Further instructions for the detail carving may be viewed in the Whittling Exercises in the pages listed under “Navigation” at the left of this web log.

Since 1998 the carving of a Santa in this size has been reduced down to two inches to fit into the category of a miniature.  However, this go-by can be used for the carving of almost any size Santa.  In the next series of photographs more progressive stages are shown as a visual instruction of carving a Santa out of a square block of basswood.  It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words,” so these pictures offer visual instruction without words to allow our eyes “do the talking.”





STEP BY STEP SANTASTEP BY STEP SANTAIt should be noted that for the purpose of comparison and transition from the 1998 version, the painted Santa in the last four photographs is three inches tall while the progressive stages are two inches tall.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” is the wisdom of the ages.  In like manner, carving is a “step by step” process that begins with a single carved chip.  One chip follows another, first carving to the basic form and continuing until carving the details become icing on the cake.   The Step by Step process can not be rushed nor can steps be “skipped” so enjoy the journey one chip at a time.

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