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Spuds are short, stocky and spud like caricatures who chomp on a cigar.  When the first one on the right in the photograph  was carved it reminded me of a “spud” like character.  Each subsequent  look alike carving became another “spud” whose stance and demeanor take on an air of the kind of  no nonsense kind of guy who gets the business done.  While the first few “spuds” were under three inches, the later versions were carved out of a three inch tall by an inch and half square basswood block.  Each is finished with a monochrome finish of raw sienna artist oil paint mixed with boiled linseed oil in order to emphasis that “texture is color”  by allowing the carved texture to speak for itself. 

Pictured in the  photographs  are the progressive steps that begin as a three inch tall by and inch and half basswood block.  The first step is to carve the basic form of the cap and head and then the body is carved to basic form once the head is established.  The third illustration stands next to the completed Spud to present a visual comparison between the carved-to-form and the completed carving.  Notice that the rotund spud has his head turned to one side with a slight twist in body posture to give a sense of movement.  The cigar is carved as part of the face with the mouth and lips carved around the protruding cigar.  The cigar is soaked with super glue to add strength to the cross grained make up of the cigar.

Spud Masher was carved to replace a plastic handle on a child’s potato masher toy as a novelty of a spud mashing potato spuds.  While each Spud is similar yet each one has his own personality making for a fun caricature carving project.

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