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A Spud character is normally a short and squatty fellow who chomps down on a stub of a cigar while having a “don’t mess with me,” look on his face.  Spud Billy is a variation of the original Spuds in that he is twice as tall and not quite as squatty.  His attitude is the same as there is no “messing around” with Spud Billy.


Spud Billy was carved out of a two inch square by six inch block of basswood using a Helvie Knife designed by the WOOD BEE CARVER.  The blade shape allows for a slicing cut almost any way the knife is used.   Its back edge slope of twelve degrees down to the up sweep of the cutting edge allows for carving in several directions while reaching into places where other knife blade shapes would be hindered.  The fat cigar shaped handle is comfortable in the carving hand while it can be rotated effortlessly while guiding the cutting action of the blade in several directions.

Rich Smithson and his wife Holli and daughter Skylar own and manufacture Helvie Knives.  Rich is also an artist who embellishes the “signature knives” with a unique design characteristic of the carver whose signature is on the knife.  Rich did a “special edition” signature knife for me with a little more elaborate art design as depicted in the photograph on the left    HELVIE KNIVES make excellent carving knives that long have been a favorite of carvers.  Thanks to Rich, Holli and Skylar for their gifts to the carving community.

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