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 SPUD BILLY SEZ :  “Cool Links”  on this blog list vendors, organizations and individuals who might have items for sale or services that are of interest to woodcarvers.  Do not trust an email to always get through due to security systems on some computers.  Back up an email with a phone call or phone first to be sure of availability of items desired. Bud Murray found many emails from potential customers had gone into the spam folder, so if someone did not hear back from him, accept his apology and next time give him a phone call.  Thanks.

“No Comment,”  is the position of this blog as its main purpose is instructional, informative and encouraging of woodcarving.  Other blogs may be set up for interactive comments and ongoing discussions, but for this blog, comments are not solicited due to uncontrollable spam and spurious dirty tricks.  So do not try to log in to make comments because that function is basically blocked.

About the Carver”  under “Main Menu”  has contact information for any specific question.

No Sale”  from this blog which is designed to give instructional, informational and encouraging of woodcarving items of interest to all who visit.  The WOOD BEE CARVER participates in a few woodcarving shows throughout the year where carvings may be purchased.

Woodbeecarver.com is a virtual tour of the journey of carving projects and ideas by the WOOD BEE CARVER  that are shared openly to all who visit by way of the internet.

Thank you for your visits and always remember “Would be carvers would be carvers it they would carve wood.”   After each visit, carve something on your own realizing “that the more you carve the better you carve”  and the only way to learn is to “carve as often as possible.”  

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