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It has often been said that “variety is the spice of life,” and the same is true for carving projects that continue to be a “variations on a theme.”  The carvings pictured in this posting are carvings that are repeats of earlier carving projects.

Included in the photographic journey are practice face carvings, three inch tall figures and  a six inch tall fisherman.

Often I have suggested that when a carver completes a carving project that carver should carve another one of the same theme.  The purpose of such an activity is to experience “the more one carves the better one carves.”   When carving the first one, the creative sub conscious is recording all that went into the carving process.  When carving the second similar project, the creative sub conscious partners with the carver to make subtle design changes as well as guide the carving process to create a newer version that is just a little better than the previous carving.  If the carver continues to carve another, then another, then another of the similar project the “variations on a theme puts the spice of life”  into each carving.  Carving practice faces will lead to carving faces with a variety of personalities depicted in each face carved.  Practice “spices up”  the carver’s carving resulting in experiencing the “Spice of Life.”



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