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Santa CarvingsSanta PinsSanta Pins

It has been said that “variety is the spice of life” and that same spice is experienced by the carver whenever carving a variety of subjects. Most of these “spice of life” carvings are either gifts or destined to be gifts. Each is displayed here in photographic form as a display of carvings done for the fun of it by bringing a smile to the soul of the carver and the recipient.

The variety of Santa pins is destined to become gifts during the holiday season of Christmas. Some are the traditional red and white Santa while others depict “black” Santa, a green hat Santa, a natural wood finish Santa and holly Santa.

Colton Rifle Colton Rifle Colton Rifle 2Colton Rifle 3

A butternut wooden rifle carved by Grandpa for a four and half  year old grandson Colton uses the logo of the COLT firearms company to spell out the grandson’s name.

CU 1     CU 3    CU 2

The CU carving depicts a humorous rendition of the “Colonel of the Urinal” private joke between friends. The four inch tall caricature of the “Colonel” holding a plumber’s friend and a cleanup rag is a reminder of the “spice of humor” carved into wood to applaud the “spice of friendship.”

Turkey ~ SantaTurkey ~ Santa

The “Turkey and Santa” are fun carvings to bring a smile both while being carved as well as when first viewed as a Thanksgiving and Christmas carving all in one carving that has been carved back to back.


Old wooden thread spools lend themselves to being the foundation for a novelty carving with a variety of themes. These carved spools are an introduction into a variety of carving themes of which there are many more awaiting the exercise of imagination to continue the variety in future carvings.

Snow Man             Snow Man

Finally, two carved Snow Men depict a carving theme whose variety knows no boundary because whether it is snow or wood, every snow man is a one of a kind creation.

Variety is the Spice of Life and every carver is encouraged to spice up the carving experience by carving a variety of subjects as a way of widening one’s carving horizon while having a little fun on the journey.   The act of carving is a gift the carver gives to one’s self as each carving becomes a gift given to an appreciative recipient be it a purchasing patron or the gifting to a friend a carved footprint of the carver’s soul.



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