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The RULE OF THREE for proportional divisions of the face and body for a carved figure can also be applied for a sitting posture of a carved figure.  The Rule of Three for body proportions once the head has been established divides the rest of the body into equal proportions: Shoulder to Waist; Waist to Mid Knees: Mid Knees to Bottom of Feet.  This guide works well for a standing figure and it can also be applied to a sitting figure using the three divisions bending at the waist and bending at the knees. Keep in mind that the Rule of Three is “Proportional Measurement” of the eye and mind in which the three proportions appear to be somewhat equal. So, with a sitting posture the eye and mind have to compensate for the hip portion of the middle third between the waist and the mid knees to calculate an approximate equalizing of the proportions.  After all, proportions help to create an averaged normalized look of what appears about correct. It just looks right in a proportional perspective.  The WOOD BEE CARVER has always utilized “Baseball Measurement,” that is “In the ballpark” of appearing just about right.


Here is another illustration of how to determine the proportions of a sitting figure.


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