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                SIDE WINDER BY HELVIE

HELVIE KNIVES announces the latest in the WOOD BEE CARVER ~ Signature Series are now available to order by visiting their website http://www.helvieknives.com/ or by calling 765-675-8811.

The SIDE WINDER and SIDE WINDER II come with two handle choices. The original handle design is the pistol grip which will accommodate holding the knife in its various positions to guide the cutting edge in making the variety of cuts. The other handle shape of a tapered cigar shape for the larger SIDE WINDER blade and a slender tapered cigar shaped handle for the SIDE WINDER II to be used for detail carving with its smaller blade.


The SIDE WINDER and SIDE WINDER II blades have three cutting edges: “A” represents a longer cutting edge with a reverse skew angle used for general slicing cuts. “B” represents a curved cutting edge that can be used as a mini bull nose gouge as well as for making controlled stop cuts. “C” represents a curved skew cutting edge to be used for getting into tight areas and mini slicing actions.

The dog leg shape of the blade allows for reaching into areas where other blade shapes will not reach. The knife is intended to be a supplemental knife to compliment other primary knife blade shapes even though it will do almost anything any other blade shape will do. It may take some getting used to in learning all the many cuts it will do to discover its versatility.

The photo essay below will show some of the ways the blade can be used in making various slicing cuts using the larger blade of the SIDE WINDER. The smaller blade of SIDE WINDER II will do the same kind of cuts with a finer cut in smaller areas of a carving project.

Tractor Tractor

The first series of photographs will show the larger blade cutting in the details of a tractor wheel of an ornament. Notice that the parts of the blade designated a “B” and “C” are being used. The longer cutting edge designated as “A”, while not pictured, was used for the shaping of the overall shape of the ornament tractor.

Tractor       Tractor        Tractor Tractor        Tractor        Tractor Tractor         Tractor         Tractor

The second series of photographs will also show the larger blade of the SIDE WINDER being used in various slicing cuts for the shaping of a Good Shepherd figure. Visually follow along to notice how the longer cutting edge “A” is being used, how the curved skew cutting edge “C” is being used and how the curved bull nosed gouge cutting edge “B” is being used. The first photographs depict the beginning cuts to open up the block of wood. Subsequent photos will show the slicing cuts being made as the overall shape is being refined.

good shepherd       Sidewinder Shephard        Sidewinder Shephard Sidewinder Shephard        Sidewinder Shephard        Sidewinder Shephard       Sidewinder Shephard       Sidewinder Shephard        Sidewinder ShephardSidewinder Shephard        Sidewinder Shephard       Sidewinder Shephard Sidewinder Shephard       Sidewinder Shephard       Sidewinder Shephard

These photographic views of the SIDE WINDER making a variety of slicing cuts are only introductory examples because as this knife is used in the carving process the carver will discover ways to switch between the longer cutting edge of “A” by using the curved skew edge of “C” and then finishing up using the curved bull nose edge of “B” in almost one continuous action. It is a carving knife whose slicing characteristics are yet to be discovered in the hands of a carver who enjoys carving only with a knife.




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