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2nd generation Helvie 2nd generation Helvie

The WOOD BEE CARVER Signature Series  knives by Helvie Knives has grown into a “second generation” of knives with a new handle shape, art work designs and new blades sizes and shape.  While maintaining the basic concept of the original blade design, yet with slight variations in size and shape, each knife maintains the high quality associated with Helvie Knives.   The basic concept of the design of the Whittle-Carving Universal Blade is a slicing blade with a curved cutting edge from the tip of blade to notch in the heel of the extended tang of the blade. The blade fits into the shape of a twelve degree slope of the back edge.  The twelve degree slope creates a versatile angle of approach of the blade to begin the slicing action.  The extended tang allows for longer reach as well as a comfortable resting place for the index finger when choking up on the blade for detail carving. The blades with the concaved back edge similar to a scimitar blade shape allows for reaching into tight areas that another blade shape would not fit. All blades lend themselves to a quick roll out of the slicing stroke and are most efficient when using a “slice and roll” action in either the push or pull stroke.

Previous posting on the first generation of Signature Series numbers 1 through number 4 and the most recent Stinger Bee and the Mini Mertz (numbers 5 and 6) can be found under the categories of Knives listed under “Blog Index Map” under the Main Menu. Below is a photo of the first generation of  Signature Knives.

Signature Knives

2nd generation Helvie

The larger versions of knives # 1, # 2, # 5, and # 9 are pictured to the left for comparison with the basic blade design introduced in Universal Blade design of # 1 and # 2 in the photos below of the design patterns.


Blades # 1, # 2 as well as the smaller version # 4 have a thicker bevel to facilitate a higher approach of the cutting edge to assist in a quick roll out of the slicing action.  Blades # 5 and # 9 are a marriage of the # 1 and # 2 with a narrower bevel allowing for a lower approach of the cutting edge for a more of a flat plane slice with a less quick roll out. Each has their place and function in the carving process.  The overall length of each blade range from two inches to two and a half inches including the half to three quarters of an inch extended tang.

Blade Design  12 DEGREE



2nd generation Helvie

Killer Bee  or # 9 possesses the largest blade of all the Signature Series to be used whenever a hefty slicing cut is needed in a larger carving project.  The tip of the blade can still be used for the fine slicing and detail carving for most projects.

2nd generation Helvie

Queen Bee  or # 8 is a companion to the earlier # 4.  The # 4 is a work horse blade with its fatter bevel that allows for “slice and roll” cuts to shape the wood with tight turned roll out cuts as well as find detail carving using the tip end of the blade.  The Queen Bee has a thinner bevel which allows for quick in and out slicing cuts and tighter roll out cuts. Overall length is an inch and half including the three eights inch tang. Once again, each has unique carving functions.

2nd generation Helvie

2nd generation Helvie

Honey Bee  or # 7 offers the feel of a “Velvet” slicing cut as well as a slight give as the blade slices through the wood.  Its specialty steel blade contains properties that produces its unique and sweet surface treatment of the wood. Overall length is an inch and three quarters including half inch tang.

Any one of these Signature Series knives are excellent carving knives that require getting used to using a slicing cut as often as possible in either the push or pull stroke.  The handles are comfortable for long periods of carving. The number 3 series and the number 6 are detail carving knives while the others are Universal Carving Knives for both rough out shaping as well as detail finishing carving. The smaller blades produce a quicker roll out of the slicing cut while the larger blades produce a larger roll out cut.  If the back bone of the blade as in # 1 is preferred to the concaved back edge of the scimitar blade shape, any of the knives can be special ordered with a # 1 back edge. All blades will still fit within the twelve degree slope of the back edge to maintain the most conducive angle of approach for Whittle-Carving.

Helvie Knives  come sharp and ready to carve requiring only an occasional stropping on a leather strop.  The WOOD BEE CARVER does not recommend power buffing as that will round the cutting edge very rapidly.

Contact HELVIE KNIVES  at 765-675-8811  with any questions about any of these knives or to place an order.  Happy carving.







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