SEAN REYNOLDS – Carving Friend

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Sean Reynolds is a very enthusiastic budding carver who is so eager to learn and is growing in his carving experience.  So much so that he experienced a tendonitis in his wrist that side lined his carving activities for awhile but is now back at it by pacing himself in a healthy manner.  He is developing an inner eye to see within a block of wood what needs to be carved away to set free the image hiding inside the wood.

The following photographs are examples of his advancement and growth in the carving pursuits.  And besides that he is fun to talk with about the wonderful world of wood carving as evidenced by the many friends he has made on the Wood Carving Illustrated Forum.  Whenever he visits me from time to time for a carving chat and carving session his eagerness indicated that he has been bitten by the “carving bug.”


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