SEA CAPTAIN with Sextant and Map

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Early in 2008 the Wood Bee Carver carved the first Sea Captain and a year later carved four sea captains using four different knife makers knives in a Battle of the Knives for a comparative study.  These projects were described in early days of this blog.

This current carving of a sea captain follows the original design including the sextant and map being held in the captain’s hands.  The Sea Captain was carved using a few carving knives to shape a six inch by an inch and half square block of basswood in the same Whittle-Carving style as the originals.

The first photo gallery will have various views of the finished Sea Captain which will then be followed with photos of the carving in progress with brief explanations.

The progressive gsllery begins with unpainted facial study and study of Sextant and Map.


The next series of photos are of the progression of carving first the hat and head to basic form and then the body proportions drawn guidelines followed by the shaping of the body and outfit parts.




The last photo is of three interpretations of the theme subject of Sea Captain that will be covered in the next two blog entries. In the comparison photo are three inch Half Pints, a five inch tall Sea Man and the six inch tall Sea Captain with Sextant and Map,




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