SCRAPPERS – Bobble Heads

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SCRAPPER BOBBLE HEADSCRAPPER – Bobble Heads are whimsical carvings done only with a knife using scraps of wood, thus the name “SCRAPPER”.  The Old Carvers Law states: “Leave no wood uncarved,” so Scrappers developed as a way to utilize small scraps of wood as a novelty and fun carving.  There is no practical use for these Scrapper Bobble Heads other than they provide a way to practice carving faces while using scrap pieces of wood that this Old Carver finds is hard to throw away.  It is like the fellow who bought a new boomerang and could not throw his old one away.

WHAT IS NEEDEDThe heads for these Scrapper Bobble Heads were carved out of a three quarter inch square by five eighths inch block of basswood and the base is three quarter inch square by quarter inch with the corners carved off to make an octagon shape.  The spring is made out of stainless steel wire (19 gauge) cut in nine inch length and coiled around a spike nail.  Both  ends of the coil are bent to serve as a post to go into the base and the carved head.  An ice pick or an awl can start a hole for the wire post and the wire post can then drill its own hole to proper depth by twisting the coiled wire around and around while forcing the post into the hole.  Super glue jel is used to glue the coiled wire to the head and base.

Once carved and glued together the head and base are dipped in a mixture of artist oil paint Raw Sienna color and boiled linseed oil and then sprayed with Deft lacquer.  The rogues gallery that follows shows some of the Scrapper Bobble Heads.




As long as there are scraps of wood, a sharp knife and a playful imagination there are bound to be more Scrapper Bobble Heads.

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Fantastic use of scrap, great job, I know I am going to have to have 1 or 2.

July 31st, 2010 at 7:20 pm

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