Scottish Golfer Faces

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Every carving project is a learning experience making each carving activity a journey into carving new adventures of creativity.  The latest journey consisted of carving three Scottish golfers in the bust format on top of a “Golf Ball Cage” blank available from Mark Akers.  These were carved using traditional carving tools of gouges and parting tools.  Each face was carved to give each their own personality and characteristic  since each golfer was wearing the traditional tam-o’shanterScottish cap.  The hair, side burns, mustache and beard treatment was different for each carvef face.

These four photographs show the completed carving with wood burning highlights that will be accented when the oil stain and paints are added.  Two will be painted with colors while the third will receive only a stain made up with raw sienna artist oil paint and boiled linseed oil. 

The next series of photographs will begin with the bearded golfer dressed in green followed by the mustached golfer dressed in red with the third side burned golfer is finished with the raw sienna and boiled linseed oil finish.



While one can study each of the carving subjects to make comparisons in facial features, mustache, beard and hair features and coloring effects, yet each stand on their own as one is no better or worse than the others.  The point being that each has merits of thier own and it boils down to the personal choice of the artist as to the final overall appearance and effect.  Sometimes only a stain will highlight the carving since texture is color.  On the other hand a painted carving creates a whole different effect.  A carver should experiment by trying different styles of carving and finishing to expand one’s ability as well as make each carving  journey an adventure in learning.  Instead of carving only one subject there is merit in carving the same subject several times to change and enhance the subject.

While carving the same subject over several times one’s creative sub-consciousness partners with the carver in the carving process creating enhanced versions of the same subject.  Doing so the carver will experience “the more one carves the better one carves.”

Mark Akers, my good carving friend has the golf ball cage blanks available for sale on his web site  http://carvingsbymarkakers.com/  .  Any one who would like to try one of these fun projects will make a journey of  imagination in the adventure of carving one’s imagination.

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