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These Santa Jewelry Pins show a variety of facial expressions as well as a variation of finish.  The painted Santa pins are of the traditional color of red and white.  The natural finish Santa pins show off the grain of the wood as well as letting the carving cuts do the talking rather that the coloring of red and white color scheme for a Santa.

SANTA JEWELRY PINSSANTA JEWELRY PINSHere are Santa jewelry pins that have a variety of facial expressions and color variety between the red cap and the green cap.  The Santa jewelry pins are carved in relief out of three sixteenth inch thick bass wood by an inch wide and and inch and a half tall.  Each are carved with only a knife.

JON NELSON SANTA DESIGNThis Santa carving is a fun project designed by Jon Nelson as an ornament.  It is a relief sculpture carved using traditional carving tools out of a half inch thick piece of basswood.  This humorous carving is reminiscent of the old “Kilroy was here,” cartoons during World War Two.


QUARTER MOON SANTA ORNAMENTThese two Quarter Moon Santa Ornaments were carved using traditional carving tools and finished with Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Preserver.  Forrest Haggard made this pattern which was shared in a wood carving club newsletter.




Santa climbing out of a chimney was carved by Floyd Rhadigan in 2003 and was recently found in a local antique store.  Where it has been and how it got to my town would be a story to tell.  The better story is to have a Floyd Rhadigan carving to add to my collection.  http://www.fantasycarving.com/

SANTA RELIEF CARVINGSThese are relief carvings using traditional carving tools. The small Santa sitting on a gift tag in the left corner of the photo was designed by Glenn Stewart of Hawesville, Kentucky.  The Santa and Snow Woman was designed by Bob and Sue Mason of Festus,Missouri.  The Santa putting a lump of coal in a stocking is an original design of a common image many have in their memory of being warned of receiving only a lump of coal.

There is no one image or memory of Santa because Santa is in the heart of the beholder of Christmas Memories.  The variety of carvings of Santa is a reminder that Christmas comes to each person in  very personal ways, different and yet the same experience of love, friendship, good will and hope that remains childish.

Santa is only a small part of Christmas who brings us to the best Gift of all in whose birthday is honored.  Christmas is the Gift of God’s love in a baby Jesus who grows up in all of us each time we give a gift of friendship, love and good will.  May all that Christmas means to us be  “peace on earth and good will among all humans.”

Every time a Santa is carved may the bond of friendship that wood carvers experience be the continued gift given in friendship in all its varieties.


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