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Rick Eskins,  a member of the Ashland Kentucky Carving Club has over a period of time shared photographs of his carving journey.  Every carver carves in their own style even when taking a class or using a rough out. The end result carries the signature style of the carver rather than of the teacher or teacher’s original project.

The photographic journey is of Rick’s most recent inspiration carved into a variety of carving projects. (click on each photo to enlarge)   All show a definite Eskins style that is ever expanding with a style of their own.


Rick met me a few years ago at a woodcarving show and our conversations about woodcarving opened the door to a lasting friendship.  He has taken a few classes from me as well as other instructors as a way to sharpen his carving style.  Each class affords the opportunity to learn one little aspect of carving that opens the door to greater learning.  Besides that a student gets to carve a project with other students with the instructor’s guidance.  Lessons learned in such experiences are carried home to become a part of the carver’s inspiration for additional carving projects.  As each photograph is studied may it become an inspiration for carving one’s own style as well.

Thanks Rick for your carving footprints on your journey thus far and for your friendship over the years.


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