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            Smithson Knife


The WOOD BEE CARVER highly recommends the newly introduced HELVIE Signature Series Knife made by knife maker Rich Smithson.  Rich has made thousands of Helvie knives since he and his wife Holli became owners of HELVIE KNIVES many years ago.  After all these years and all the knives made for other people in the Signature Series of the Helvie line, Rich has come out with a knife of his own design.  This unique design has the straight cutting edge of a wharncliffe blade shape forming a reverse skew angle that enhances the slicing properties of the knife and the handle is aesthetically pleasing as well as being comfortable to hold for long periods of carving.  The blade design positions the cutting edge into a slicing mode as it approaches the wood as well as making very precise stop cuts.  While being primarily as general purpose carving knife it can also serve as a chip carving knife and is ideal for making precise detail cuts as the need arises.

Even though the WOOD BEE CARVER prefers a scimitar blade shape with a curved cutting edge as the premier slicing tool, yet the design of the Smithson Signature Series knife named for daughter Skylar or “SKY” is also a premier slicing tool.

Rich makes all the WOOD BEE CARVER Signature Series knives for me according to my design all of which have curved cutting edges except for the DRONE BEE with its own straight edge with a slight reverse skew angle. Normally his “SKY” knife comes with a cherry wood handle designed by Rich and wood burned by him, but he made me a special yellow handle for the knife in the photo.

        Smithson and Drone Knives

The Smithson SKY knife is a winner that will become a favorite of many carvers.  Order one by calling 765-675-8811.


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