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                           Remembering LARRY PIETY ~ 3/22/41 – 2/3/21

Larry Piety and I have been carving friends for over 25 years.  He ended his life’s journey February 3, 2021 but continues to live on in the act of remembering.  Memories remembered are almost as good as when the memory was first made and made even better in the gratitude of the one remembered.  Remembering Larry is to acknowledge for those who knew him, that we are better persons for having known him.  His love for his wife Jeannie and his family is the gift he has given to those he loved.  His gift to students and education as a teacher, coach and administrator are lessons that inspired generations of those who knew him.  The gift of his keen mind with questing interests, his conversational questions showed his sincere interest in other people’s stories, his good humor, quick wit and winsome smile drew us to his magnetic personality.  His faith in God and helping hand service of loving neighbor shines a light on the path for us to follow.  His creative gifts of working with wood and woodcarving exposed the beauty within his soul. And most especially those personal memories of his friendship of his kindred spirit will be with us as we remember all he means to us.  The best that we can say about Larry is that we are better persons for having known him.  “Thank you, Larry.”

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