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REL KNIVES - Ralph Long KnifemakerRalph E. Long of Kemersville, North Carolina has been making wood carving knives for over 15 years.  His knives have become favorites by many in the South who purchased knives from him at wood carving shows in the South or who had heard of his knives by word of mouth from satisfied customers.  I first became acquainted with REL Knives through my good wood carving friend, Mike Sullins from South Carolina who gave me two as a gift. 

Subsequently, I ordered two additional knives from Ralph through his catalog, which can be ordered from REL Knives, 6815 Vance Road, Kemersville, NC 27284 – phone: 336/595-4563 – Email:  reldpl@embarqmail.com or go to “Cool Links” and click on REL KNIVES to print off a brochure and order form.  Or click on this link: https://woodbeecarver.com/dl/REL_Knife_Net_Brochure.pdf

He carries a variety of blade and handle shapes at an average cost of $22 per knife plus shipping.  For the knife enthusiast his knives are right up there with the rest of the custom knife makers who all make excellent knives.  They are all super sharp, fit the hand comfortably and have a nice appearance.  It is simply a matter of personal choice and it helps if one has the sickness of “tool-itis” that has to have many more knives and wood carving tools.  As I often say, “One is plenty, two is too many but three is never enough,” when it comes to buying another tool.

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