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REL KNIVESRalph E. Long of Kernersville, North Carolina has been making quality carving knives for over sixteen years.  The reputation of his carving knives has led to a high demand among carvers so much so that on occasion his stock of knives in certain patterns have been exhausted.  Ralph and his wife Dot are delightful and gracious people who are very accommodating be it by phone or at woodcarving shows where they set up there display.

Even though each knife is made one at a time yet the process of making knives require making several at a time through the various steps from shaping, heat treating, tempering, polishing, making handles and assembling.  Like fine wine the process can not be rushed as each step is honored and thoroughly completed as a labor of love to maintain the reputation that REL KNIVES has earned.   Every carver knows in creating a carving the process can not be rushed either.  Be it wine, a carving or a custom made knife the process is worth the wait.

Under  “Cool Links” in this blog there is a brochure for “REL KNIVES” with an order form.  Before one orders a knife from Ralph and Dot a phone call  (336-595-4563) to inquire on the availability of the particular knife is advised.  If the particular knife one wants is temporarily out of stock, be patient for the process of knife making to work its magic and soon Ralph and Dot will be able to fulfill each order.  It is well worth the wait because a Ralph E. Long knife is a pleasure to use in the carving process.

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