Real Life Face Study

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 Bill Fournier, a woodcarver from Charleston, South Carolina was kind enough to give his face to a ” Real Life Face Study”  to illustrate the value of studying faces to be able to carve faces.  Perhaps the best model any carver has is one’s own reflection in a mirror whereby one can “make faces” to see how the muscles in the face change due to the mood.  The more a carver becomes familiar with the human face that much easier it is to carve faces in wood.  Such a study also will create a good mental image to guide the imganation of the carver in the carving process.

Bill has a very expressive face be it a full grin or a sober face.  In the gallery of the various facial views of Bill notice how his eyebrows, eyes, smile line, mouth, cheek  and character lines change as the expression is changed.  A Real Like Face Study will help a carver to begin to notice facial features in other people as well as carve “real life facial features”  into carving faces in wood.  So, let’s face it through the photographic gallery of Bill’s face.




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