RAIN DROP SHIVELY – A Miniature Study

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Rain Drop Shively is a miniature carving of a fellow smoking a pipe and leaning of his umbrella.  Miniatures are always a challenge of finesse cuts that are precise in making each cut count.   Miniatures are carved with gentle slicing cuts using primarily the tip end of a small blade in which each cut is intentional.


Miniatures are like carving a larger figure except it takes fewer cuts to arrive at the desired shape and form.   So in that regards a miniature can be easier than carving a larger project but whatever the size every carving project is a challenge in design and carving skill. It helps to know the subject that is being carved as well as keeping everything in proportion no matter the size.

Carving a miniature is done first of all to see if it can be done.  Seeing that it can be done is followed by carving more subjects in miniature by adding more complicated details, posture and clothing themes.  Rain Drop Shively is a study intended to encourage other carvers to try their hand at carving miniatures.

Always remember that the WOOD BEE CARVER says, Would be carvers would be carvers if they would carve wood.”  In like manner the only way one will learn to carve miniatures is to carve in miniature and  “the more you carve the better you carve.”

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