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Every carving is a learning project.  Even though the subject may have been carved at an earlier time, yet carving the same subject again will have a personality of its own. Carving the same subject twice at the same time still results in two individual carvings with characteristics unique to each one.

A study of the photographs will expose similarities along with differences. It is noticeable that one is left handed and the other is right handed in holding the lantern as well as the bandana is in opposite back pockets.  Facial features are individualistic which gives each one their own personality.  The lesson is that even though the subject is similar yet each does not have to be a photocopy duplicate of the other.  Learning to carve variations in design and features is to push one’s ability and visual planning to another level of growing the carving experience.

Speaking of “railroad men” a wise person once said, “Never argue with a railroader because it is like mud wrestling with a pig.  After a while it dawns upon a person that the pig enjoys it and you get dirty in the process.”

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