Pumpkin Noggins 2

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Pumpkin Nogginsare faces carved into  basswood wooden hen eggs and in pumpkin shaped  thin basswood strips as flat relief jewelry pins.  The photograph at the left is jewelry pins carved to look like pumpkins with various faces to bring a smile.  Caricature faces to be more precise with a green cap of a pumpkin stalk.  Each is carved using deep gouges and knife with some wood burning for the pupils of the eyes, cigar and the separation between the stalk and the pumpkin skin along with the veins of the pumpkin.  The eyes and teeth are painted with acrylic white paint and the rest of the Pumpkin Noggin is painted with boiled linseed oil and artist oil paint.  In the photographs that follow the Pumpkin Noggins are carved out of basswood hen eggs.








   These six Pumpkin Noggin jewelry pins were carved using only a knife.  The jewelry pin Pumpkin Noggins at the beginning of this post were carved using gouges and parting tools as well as a knife.  They measure an inch and three quarters high and an inch wide and a quarter of inch thick.  The finish is artist oil paint and boiled linseed oil followed by a coat of  Deft brushing lacquer.

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