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A Half Pint is a three inch tall figure carved to the scale of a half inch equals a foot. It begins with a three inch by an inch square basswood block. Study the photographic chart below to follow the progressive steps to get an overall mental view.

The Progressive Steps  Chart below has six illustrations in each of the five views ~ illustrations begin at left as the Proportional Block  and continue to the Sixth illustration of the detailed and finished Half Pint. Follow along with the written descriptions below the photo chart.

The First Illustration on the left is the Proportional Divisional block. The red horizontal lines indicated the major proportional divisions. The line under the HEAD begins the Rule of Three for Body Proportions with a line drawn for Shoulder, line for Waist, line for Mid Knees and final line for Base.

The Second Illustration shows the Head portion rounded into a dowel shape and a notch cut around the top edge of the base.

The Third Illustration shows a center line indicating the direction the head will be looking and the top of the hat brim has been carved towards the crown of the hat.

The Fourth Illustration shows the basic form of the head is carved so that it is going up into the crown of the hat and the bottom of the hat brim is carved in conjunction with carving the head.. At this point once, the head has been formed then the rest of the body parts and clothing outfit are drawn within the guidelines of the Rule of Three Body Proportions.

The Fifth Illustration shows the body proportion carved to basic form.  Once the basic form has been established then individual areas receive detailed carving shaping i.e. carve the boots, then the chaps, then the pistol and holster, then the vest, then the bandanna, then the hands, then the rifle and finally the facial detailing ~ all areas a treated in a progressive manner so that the entire figure comes together in a unified path towards final appearance as in the Sixth Illustration.


Additional Study Aids may be viewed by clicking on PROGRESSIVE STUDY AIDS.



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