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Pirate HeadPirate HeadPirate HeadPirate Head

The Pirate Head was carved as a segment for a Friendship Cane that will be a raffle prize at a carving show.

Pirate HeadsPirate HeadsPirate HeadsPirate Heads

A second Pirate Head was carved for another segment for a Friendship Cane for another wood carving show raffle prize.  To carve the second one falls into the learning pattern of the value of carving a second subject to keep learning advancing.

Each Pirate Head was carved out of a two inch square by three inch tall block of basswood with a hole drilled lengthwise for when it will be assembled with all the other segments.  The knife used to carve each Pirate Head was the WOOD BEE CARVER ~ Honey BEE ~ Signature Series # 7 made by Helvie Knives.

Two Pirate HeadsTwo Pirate HeadsTwo Pirate Heads Two Pirate Heads

Carving a pirate’s head is a challenging project in that the eye patch has to be positioned over the area where an eye would be located while balancing the open eye to look natural. Carving the pirate speaking out of the corner of his mouth is also a challenge as is carving the scar on the cheek below the eye patch and the two ear rings through a hole in the ear lobe.  The challenge part of any carving project is what causes learning to take place.  That is why it is always good to plan to carve challenging projects to stretch and grow the carving experience.


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